Horary Features

Horary FeaturesHorary Features

Horary Features

April , 2017


The First ever World Class Horary Astrology Tool has been provided to practicing Horary Astrologer for those who want to go into practicing Horary Astrology.

Horary Yogas

Keeping in view, the complex calculations involved in Horary Yoga & combinations, all possibilities exists for errors while doing manual calculations leading to a blatantly wrong predictive.

With the support of this Software, accurate results with exact degree difference and relationship between planets having all possible permutation / combinations of all practical Horary Yogas have been provided. For example...taking out Ithsaal from Lagna, From Moon with connection of required house Lord and so on in few seconds with user friendly explanations.

Future Horary Yoga

A Unique tool for use by practicing Horary Astrologers. Future horary yoga spanning over 12 weeks from the time of Query & further broken into days has been provided to establish and ensure the correctness of timing of event in horary query. A high precision has been worked out for the same in the Software.

Horary Predictive

Covers 50,000 plus Permutation and Combination of Horary Yogas having Planets / Houses and Rashi’s having embedded with the Ithsaal applicability in the various categories of Queries such as Job & employment, Gains & Losses, Success & Defect, Missing Person, Theft and Litigation and so on. This will greatly enhance the quality of Predictive by any Horary Astrologer & is applicable for end user too.

Horary Possible Query

Provides the Silent / Possible Query, the Querent may have in his thoughts / mind by using an ancient technique Hora Calculations, The Astrologer may ask & confirm the same with his Astrological Client.

Horary Significators

Approx 2000 plus significators for Planet, Houses and Rashi individually has been provided, and one can look for any particular Significator by search across 2500 significators related to horary for practical applicability of exact query.

Horary Knowledge

This part currently consist of approx. 3500 plus individual entries dealing with all Horary astrology terminology, its explanations and usage for various kind of Queries for any astrologer to understand the subject in a friendly mode, which shall continue to be expanded in future as this being a Web based Astro tool.

Horary Illustrations

Live Horary Illustrations has been provided for the understanding of Horary queries & tackling of Horary queries under various categories to have more clarity & precision in giving Horary Predictions.

Web Advantage

This being web based Astrology software, will always have the advantage of regular up gradation on various aspects of Astrology & changes as per users requirement to keep them abreast seamlessly. The interaction between users and Software Administrator the Administration writer of the Software Administrator or Software.