Corporate Astrology

Corporate AstrologyCorporate Astrology

Corporate Astrology

January , 2020

Time Horizon: - One Year

Report: Covering the followings - One Time for Birth Chart.

Personal / Telephonic/ Internet Consultancy: Once after you Receive the Report.

From Astrological Point of view the Birth Chart of Key Personnel in an organization plays an important and crucial role in day to day operations and Long term plans of the Company. Any wrong decision in the chain has bearing on financial health of the company.

The following Astrological analysis is carried out for Key Persons / New Joinees/ Individual's from their Birth Details. A Matrix is worked out apart from Text and explanations about the Planetary disposition.

  • Analytical Power of Individual
  • Temperament of the Individual
  • Leadership Quality
  • Correct Decision taking capabilities
  • Empathy capabilities of individual
  • Learning Instinct of Individual
  • Research Skills
  • Information Gathering skill level
  • Teamwork bent of mind
  • Interest in grooming successor for future take over
  • Possibilities of committing fraud by Individual
  • Loosing temper frequently especially in critical conditions
  • Dedication Level to work in 24x7 conditions
  • Level of Trustworthiness of the Individual's
  • Remedial measures for Improvement in the all concerned areas.

Apart from the above, Section on 'Corporate Query' is available in HORARY Part of this site which helps in taking Quick decisions on day to day and longer business decisions of Organisation.

Personnel's who does not have exact birth details, some aspects can be worked out for them in Horary Section