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International Certified Consultant ~ Astrology

April , 2024

Pandit Hari Sharma


 Hari Sharma, 64, is from a family of Astrologers, practicing Vedic Astrology (Horoscopy) and Horary (Prashna) since 1984.


Academics and Certifications..

Jyotish Acharya from Institute of Astrology, Bharatiya Vedic Bhavan - New Delhi.
Jyotish Vachaspati - International Jyotish and Occult Sansthan, Hauz Khas - New Delhi.
Jyotish Ratna - International Astrology Federation Inc - U.S.A.
Jyotish Diwakar – Seeth Surajmal Tapdia Acharya Sanskrit Mahavidalay – Rajasthan.
International Certified Astrologer – International Astrology Federation – U.S.A
International Certified Consultant – In recognition of extraordinary services to the cause of research and development of Astrology.   
International Chief Consultant - IAF
Global Astrology of Teaching Excellence – Certificate of International Teaching Experience.
Currently – Research Faculty – Indian Council of Astrological Sciences at Delhi Chapter.
MBA – International Management Institute- New Delhi – India
Honoured as "American Honorary Doctorate – Doctor of Vedic Astrology" from International Astrology Federation – U.S.A
Honoured by the U.S.A. Astrological Fellowship – 2021
U.S. Global Excellence Award – for Exemplary contribution to the Astrological domain.
Honoured as "Thailand Honorary Doctorate - Medical Astrology in International Astrology conference. 
Honoured with “Lifetime Achievement – Vedic Astrology - award at International conference in Singapore  
Associate Director – International Astrology Federation – India.

He left his brilliant M.N.C. career with H.C.L. Corporate, where he last worked as General Manager – Corporate Finance, to continue the 5th generation's legacy in Astrology. Having learnt Vedic rituals and Sanskrit from his father, family elders and at the Sanskrit Academy, he assists his clients in performing super divine remedies for mitigating negativities arising in their Birth Charts for positive results in their personal and professional life.

He has presented astrology research papers on various subjects at numerous astrological conferences, written blogs, published in astrological souvenirs etc. He has delivered lectures during an astrological discussion on multiple topics in India and abroad. His research paper on astrological possibilities of becoming a Chartered Accountant is followed by the astro fraternity and has a success rate of 95%.
He also inherited clients from his ancestors and developed in the modern world from all walks of life, including industrialists, business people, corporate executives, ordinary people, Bureaucrats, Politicians, and students, among many more professionals in India and abroad, for over 39 years. You may like to read some testimonials about Consultant Astrologer.  



Certifications & Awards

Pandit Kunj Biharilal Sharma

Consultant Astrologer, Hari Sharma's revered father, Pt. Kunj Biharilal Sharma was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and a famous astrologer of his time. He used to speak the future events with great accuracy, just in the first meeting with a new person without any horoscopes or other data. He was also a Doctor of the Indian System of Medicine (Ayurvedic).

Pandit Matadin Sharma

Consultant Astrologer Hari Sharma's revered Grand Father – Pandit Matadin Sharma alias "Baba Brahammachari", was a renowned Vedic astrologer, exponent of Ramal Astrology from being an expert in divine and master of multiple occult sciences as well. He enjoyed considerable Royal patronage and high elite clients during his lifetime.