A Horary Glimpse

A Horary GlimpseA Horary Glimpse

A Horary Glimpse

April , 2017

What is Horary Astrology?

Astrology is primarily divided into three main branches. These are : a) Predictive Astrology b) Horary Astrology and c) Electional Astrology. Prasna is a Sanskrit Word which means Question or a Query. Horary Astrology is most popular important and useful branch of Astrology.

Horary Chart is drawn having planetary position worked out for the moment, when the Query is asked. Depending on the Positive or Negative disposition of the Planets the answer if given. What is more important is the exact time of Query put to the Astrologer. In Horary the place occupied by the Querent at the time of asking question is very important apart from Time and date of that particular place. Horary Astrology can answer Questions required immediate decision related to Job, Relationship, Health condition, Lost Article, Missing person, Investments, A desired wish etc and in current time Questions related to Corporate Decisions as well. However it is important to note that Horary answers with one aspect of the life asked by the Querent whereas the Natal Astrology or say Natal Horoscope deals with the whole life experiences or events of the Native. Limitation of time of Horary result is maximum up to one year.

Horary astrology had been the mainstream astrological Branch and its efficacy having been proven over thousands of years.

How does Horary Astrology benefit you?

  • The Results of Horary are Sharp and Precise with definite verdict
  • It provides effective and concrete answers enabling you to act Quickly!
  • Horary is definitely more Pragmatic than Natal Astrology.
  • Horary can most certainly make a difference in a modern world life is stressful enough, using horary eliminates the guess work and gives an apt and correct answer, provided worked out technically and else as Horary calculations involves complex calculations and comprehended after quite some expertise.
  • It is important to note that whether the client believes in astrology or not, has no impact on the answers the astrologer is able to provide those answers independent of the clients belief system or ideology.
  • It is not essential to meet with the astrologer the usual mode of communication for horary consultations is via email/ SMS/ Telephonic again saving you time and travel cost
  • Horary is exceptionally specific and accurate and can be applied to any and all facets of life.
  • Horary provides answers to specific questions which cannot be ascertained from the natal charts.
  • Horary is an invaluable branch of Astrology used to make important decisions as the chart indicates the best course of action in its predictions - horary can unfold the complicated threads of your life, providing clarity and insight.

What is important about Horary Query?

  • It is preferred that One Question is asked, however in some very urgent case the second and last question may also be asked, provided it is related to the First question only say for example you may not ask first question about your Business and Second query for your relationship so it is vital that second query if asked should be primarily related to the First query..then the results are astute and correct.
  • It is important that you put the time of Query correctly and also the Question very clearly, The clarity of Query is very crucial in working of the Horary Query.
  • In Horary Query, No Personal birth details are required.
  • It is important that third party questions such as Is my best friend having an affair if the matter in question has no immediate and direct bearing on the Querent's life, it is a third party question and hence not to be dealt in Horary.

What are the alikeness between Natal and Horary Astrology?

As we all are aware that no one has control on birth of a child coming in this world. The human soul enters in the womb of a women as per directions from almighty depending on the result of the good of bad deeds of past life by soul (These good or bad deeds are called Poorvajanmakarma or is also called Praarabdha which finally takes the birth in this world to a designated parents. Such soul cannot prevent their birth in this world. In Horary somewhat similar situation arises whereas the individual enforced by the situation finds an Astrologer and asks a Question whether he can get any definite result/ remedy for his hardship. In both cases, there is an element of spontaneous and quite some inevitable situation.

-Planetary positions are worked out in both the cases and a Chart is made for both a) Natal and b) Horary Query. All Parameters are same in the both Charts such as Planetary position, Degrees of planets etc

-In both cases. Predictions are done on the basis of the Lagna position and other planetary position.

-Major Rules for both predictions are a bit similar ( Except few different in Horary)

-Keeping in view the above, the efficacy in astrology to be used for Predictions.

What are the dissimilarities between a Natal and Horary Astrology?

Some similarities have been pointed out in the earlier Article however there are considerable differences also which are pointed out below.

a) Direct Involvement: In Horary Query, the Querent or his representative has to directly ask the question from Astrologer and there should not be any mediator whereby the query is tossing in between and won't have the correct answer, whereas in Natal Astrology, there is no need for the Direct Involvement or Physical presence anyone can ask for anyone in Natal Astrology.

b) Place In Horary the Querent has to reveal the name of the place, he is calling or writing the Query from means the Birth Place of Query plays a crucial role apart from other Inputs, and with every new query this changes, so Horary is considered to be dynamically operating, whereas in the Natal the Natal chart is connected to the Birth Date, time Place and is freezed for ever.

c) Number of Questions Horary deals with only one aspect of life and preferably with one or two questions by the Querent, whereas the Natal Chart deals with the entire life events of the Native and multiple questions on various aspects of life.

d) Time limitation of Questions In Horary, the limitation of query is One year and after that Query can be asked for the status of the Query or any other Query as well, however in the Natal Astrology scope is entire life span of the native and predictions can be made at any point of time by consulting astrologer.

e) Correctness of predictions Horary results are accurate and knifelike, however high competence of Astrologer is very crucial whereas in case of Natal, the results are enormous, diverse and sometime undetermined.

f) Recording of Correct Time Commonly it has been experienced that time of birth given for preparation of Natal Chart is given wrong due to various circumstances and reasons are delivery taking place in Nursing home or Hospital and time of birth is intimated by Nursing Staff or Doctor who are attending for the Delivery. It is unavoidable that there is few minutes; difference during Birth and intimation received, more so it has become more in case of surgical delivery. Also consideration of weeping of child or first inhalation by child or in the hands of Nurse etc, which is exact birth of timeout of all these is also a big question. Whereas in Horary, either the Querent is writing the exact time of Query and or Astrologer is noting the time of Query.

g) Precise Clear Horary is more precise and clear in Prediction and final results

h) Limitations Natal cannot answer for questions about Relationship, Lost Article, Missing person, Pregnancy, Travel, Disease, A desired wish to happen or not etc whereas the Natal can't answer such Questions.

Finally My Horary Master Pandit J.N. Sharma, a highly renowned world class Hoary Astrologer always emphasized that Horary or Prasna starts starts where the Natal Stops so it is considered to be an highly advance mode in Astrology.