A Natal Glimpse

A Natal GlimpseA Natal Glimpse

A Natal Glimpse

April , 2017
  • What is Astrology / Jyotish Shastra - A Supreme Divine Light?

  • How does the Natal / Birth Chart Astrology helps you?

  • What is Natal / Birth Chart?

What is Astrology / Jyotish Shastra - A Supreme Divine Light?

Astrology is the knowledge which explains the astronomical planetary movements with position of time and their combined effect on all humans, be in anything related to them.

Astrology is also considered to be science which is capable of foretelling the movements of planets or say the Impact of Celestial bodies on human character in various spheres of their life towards their goals in life.

Astrology as a divine science had been in existence in India for thousands of Years and now is universally accepted knowledge about fortune and handling various aspects in a diligent manner in Individual’s life, helping them in achieving all kind of worldly affairs leading to spiritual growth or say Spiritual bliss finally. The western world looks into this majority from the point of view of worldly pleasure in life.

How does the Natal / Birth Chart Astrology helps you?

As Astrology explains the relationship of planetary influence on every individual & with the help of this Divine Science, Any good Astrologer are capable of spelling future course of action to be taken, the Best time for actions, Timing of events, many kind of Do’s and Don’ts for any Individual in the areas written below, few to mention are.

  • Traits about Individual’s personality.

  • Existence & Creation of Wealth.

  • Courage one carries

  • Status & relationship with Father, Mother, Co-borns etc

  • Status on Comforts, Luxuries & House.

  • Intelligence, High Intelligence.

  • Status about higher studies

  • Disease one can face.

  • Spouse & relationship with her, Love & Sex life

  • Fortune, Fame, Foreign Travel, Foreign Residence

  • Profession & success in Profession

  • Gains in life & Richness

  • Expenditure pattern in life.

And many more aspects can be worked out and predicted correctly by using this divine science.

What is Natal / Birth Chart?

The birth chart may be considered as specific Matrix in terms of Position of Planets, Rashi, House, Degree and Constellation attached to them at the time of Individuals birth. A typical Example is as follows

As the Birth Chart of an individual is worked out based on the Astronomical Data in existence at the particular point of time the person is born based on Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth, say the exact position of all Planets, Rashis and so on as they are seen in the orbit, the Birth chart is made and this Birth Chart is like an Unique Identification for any Individual

The Predictive astrology depending on the Position of planets in various Zodiacal Sign / Rashis and Combination of planets, Constellations that have been found to influence all aspects of life and humans through the ages as stated above.

As an individual’s birth is the first major event in his life and thus by default becomes the starting point in astrological study in their life. As the life moves and person becomes older, the need to consult an Astrologer becomes all the more important to ensure and protect from negatives and move into right direction, take right decisions and so on.